Monday, June 18, 2012

Let's Do Lunch...

I mentioned the other day that we recently went camping.  For each of our two trips we were in charge of providing a lunch for the group.  For the cub scouts trip it was suggested that we also set up "a make your own trailmix bar."  We set out the following:
pretzels                              peanuts                                    raisins                   big chunks of granola
crasins                              sunflower seeds                   almonds
yogurt-covered raisins       crispix                           honey-nut cheerios

The kids made their own choices, filled a cup and had a snack for the rest of the afternoon.  I'm thinking of doing this over the summer with my kids.  Add a piece of fresh fruit and call it an easy lunch.

For our other trip which was much a much smaller group I needed to find a lunch that would please young kids and adults alike and could be vegetarian or not.  Scott and I decided on "tacos in a bag."

We bought individual bags of fritos (or doritos or tortilla chips could also be used).  Before everyone opened their bag, we asked them to lightly break up their chips.  (The kids were especially fond of this step.)  We had set out all the possible fixings for a taco:  ground beef, black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, cilantro lime rice, salsa, sour creme.  Everyone opened their bags, piled in their favorites, closed the top of the bag and lightly shook their "tacos."  We handed them a spoon and said "lunch is served."

I think this might also be on the summertime lunch menu at our house.  Another favorite easy meal at home is our "ice cube tray" lunch.  It's a little strange but the kids love getting lots of little bits of food served in ice cube trays.  Here are some things I typically include:
nuts or seeds                    hummus                       baby carrotts                        corn
edemame                         pita chips                    cut-up string chesese              broccolli
apple slices                       sweet peppers                 chicken nuggets and ketchup         grapes

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