Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Phony photos

I love my big camera but carrying it out and about with 4 kids in tow to capture daily life isn't practical for me.  I've started relying on my cell phone for daily life pics and dragging the big camera along for special events.  I feel a little like this is cheating...that these photos are phony (pun intended) and mere imposters of the better photos I could have captured on my camera.  But for now, for the life stage we are in, these will have to do...

So here is a recap of the past week or so in "phony" photos:

1. passionfruit flower in our neighborhood   2. Jack after just earning his Tiger badge   3. Logan in the trees   4.  the girls and I

1. Jack imitating a sloth   2. our elementary school tile fundraiser   3. Logan's gymnastics routine   4. one of the last school lunches of the year   5. Bri napping in the car   6. potato vine and bougainvillea flowers in our yard   7. Scott and the scooter   8. Ethiopian flag craft   9. Jack and a "start of summer" ice cream

1. Silly Logan   2. Jack and Des scootering   3. my girls amongst the flowers   4. Marley contemplating a dip in the kiddie pool


  1. I feel the same way about my big, fat camera: love it, but leave it behind when we're all out and about. It's just so BIG and HEAVY!

    But I actually like taking photos with the phone for a little spice in life, lol :)

    Your collages are so pretty! You captured a busy week!

  2. I agree...I have totally been cheating on my 'nice' camera, but the phone and all the cool apps makes it so easy and convenient! And it does a pretty good job! Your pictures look great! It's good to 'see' you all again! The kids are getting big! ;-)

  3. I say it doesn't matter how you take them, just that you do. :) I'm trying to get used to your new blog page. I'm finding it hard to have the format switched. Just goes to show how inflexible my brain is.


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