Monday, June 25, 2012

Phony Photos

More snippets of daily life taken with my phone:

 1. Jack mining for minerals and gems  2. sleepy Des in Papa's arms  3. Bri taking a break form picking boysenberries  4. Logan in the strawberry patch

1. Bri, Des and their good friend, Yuliya, dressed to impress  2. Jack on a pony ride  3. Papa and the kids on the train on Father's Day  4. Logan and his pony  5. Jack and Great (Aunt) Dona performing circus acts at the beach  6. the 'kid's table" at a lunch out  7. Logan and kinder friends on the 2nd to last day of school  8. Papa's favorite place to eat  9. Des and a new hairstyle (rope twists with snaps)

1. Logan and Jack starting off summer at a pool party  2. cuddly Bri with Mama  3. what happens you shut the half door to the girls' room and think they are happily playing  4. Jordan, Des and Bri enjoying summer

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