Friday, June 1, 2012

Belated Birthdays

In previous years I've done an "once upon a time" post for my kids' birthdays. This year I am so far behind on blogging that I'm going to do these posts all back to back. But first, a look at how the kids wanted to celebrate their birthdays.

Last year, three kiddos (Logan, Des and Bri) were all in the same class together so we decided to do one huge party. Jack got to invite several of his kindergarten friends and we invited tons of families from our preschool. My parents even came to town to celebrate. We went to an indoor bouncy gym that has a ginormous inflatable slide. It was so nice and easy to have an all-in-one party and something that entertained several ages of kids and grown-up that are young at heart. Of course, we celebrated each kids' actual birthday with a classroom treat, cake and presents with family and trip to Scott's parents house.

Here are some of my favorite moments from that party (April 2011):
Rainbow cupcakes

Papa and Des on the big slide

Logan on the zipline

Jethro and Scott playing ping pong

Des bouncing with Bri and Nana

Jack sliding

Logan and his long-time girl friend, Claire

Getting silly with Nana

Granddad and Bri sliding

Jack at the air hockey table

Bri and Nana taking a turn on the slide

Cake time!

Cake please!

An exhausted but happy family!

This year, we changed things up a bit.  Jack decided to have two friends and Logan go to Chuck E. Cheese with him.  Des and Bri had an after school party with their preschool friends.  And Logan will be taking two friends and his brother to Chuck E. Cheese.  Who knows what next year holds?

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