Monday, December 29, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

Time to get cathartic and fess up to all the things I absolutely positively did NOT do this week:

I did NOT imitate Jack whining to demonstrate how annoying it was to him. It did NOT backfire on me.

I do NOT convince myself daily that while the boys nap I must sit perfectly still while reading, watching TV or playing on the computer because if I were to do something like the dishes or laundry I might wake them up (and their sleep is sooooooo important).

I did NOT get more than a month behind on updating the boys' private website because I was obsessing over my newest hobby (AKA blogging).

I did NOT break down sobbing because I was feeling tired and frustrated. Logan did NOT comfort me by patting my shoulder and saying, "It okay Mama. It okay."

I do NOT let my boys get up and roam around after sitting at the dinner table for a mere 15 minutes. I do NOT feed them when they walk over to the table and ask for a bite. did NOT feel good to get that stuff of my chest!


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog...I love your place it is so cute. I totally have never whined back at my kids...and it has never back fired either. LOl
    YOur boys are so cute. I think I will follow along if that is ok?

  2. OOOH we've never whined back at our kids either. And its never backfires! But really it has worked sometimes....


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