Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dear Santa,

I realize that I'm writing this letter kind of late. I'm really sorry to be making last minute requests but I'm a procrastinator by nature. And I've been busy. Really busy. I know, it's no excuse...everyone is busy this time of year. But I've been really good...I promise. Well, I guess it depends who you ask. (Don't bother asking my kids...they never have anything nice to say about me.)

Anyway, all I want for Christmas is:
  • gift receipts for any gifts I or the boys get. But not for your gifts, of course. We always love what you get us.
  • for Logan's horrendous diaper rash to go away. Of course, it might have a small something to do with all the clementines he keeps eating and eating and eating. But he loves maybe if you could just take the acid out of our clementines that would be best.
  • a longer night. And wouldn't that help you out too? You've got so much to do on Christmas Eve that if you could just make the night a bit longer I'd get to sleep more and you've have more time to visit all the houses around the world.
  • for the boys to not get out of bed in the middle of the night especially if you've been so gracious as to make the night longer.
  • for Jack to quit patting me on the belly trying to get my attention when I'm talking to other grownups. The last thing I need is for the thickest area of my body it be thumped and jiggled in front of other adults.
  • the biggest box of Oxyclean you've got.


  1. Love your list! And I am so with you on the jiggly tummy thing. Don't poke me there!

    My girls love clementines too. I had forgotten how the acids can interfere poorly with diapers. Ugh. I hope it clears up soon!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Ho, Ho, Ho!

    Merry Christmas, Lil’ Carey.

    It’s been a long night. I am checking my e-mail one last time before I go to sleep.

    I logged on to my computer and I saw that my save Google query for new news regarding “Sant”a had 57,000 entries. I obviously, will not be able to get to them all today. But, I will do my best. You were the last entry on the first page of returned results, so you might be the last response that I write tonight.

    I am glad that some one of your years still can hear the ringing of my sleigh bells; this gives me strength and hope.

    For most of your list you will not find anything under your tree this year. Everything that you need you all ready have in your heart and soul.

    I do want to comment, however, about the tummy thing. I am too so tired of everyone saying things about my tummy. They say things like it “jiggles like a bowl full of jelly” every time I laugh. It’s annoying.

    And I hear ya about being tired. Just imaging living in a place where (during this time of year) you never have day light. It just make me soooo sleepy.

    Shoot. I gotta run. Donder is screeching at something behind the workshop. I have to go calm her down before she wakes up the elves. That’s all I need is bunch elves who are whiny because they didn’t get enough sleep.

    Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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