Monday, December 15, 2008

"Not me!" Monday

For the record, I'm a perfect mom and wife. Just ask my kids and husband...go ahead, ask them. Oh, wait they're locked in the closet busy right now. Here are some examples of my perfectness:

I did NOT "pretend" to not hear the boys arguing because I was "busy" writing an email. I did NOT actually think to myself "well, it's time they (a three year old and two year old) learned valuable life lessons about sharing and negotiations."

I did NOT tell Jack that if he didn't stop whining I was going to pull the car over and leave him on the side of the road.

I did NOT think to myself "that's weird" when Logan told me his mouth hurt. I did NOT point out Logan's drool soaked shirt (almost wet down to his belly button) to a friend and say "What's up with that?" Two days later I did NOT smack myself in the forehead and mutter "What an idiot!" when I realized that Logan was getting his molars in and had been in pain for a while.

I did NOT step over the dryersheet that had fallen in the hallway 15 times before reaching down, picking it up and muttering "Now, why couldn't my husband just pick this up."

I did NOT get so busy writing this post that the boys recorded TV show ended and switched to live TV. I did NOT panic and freak out when I realized they were watching LOCAL NEWS!!!!! (which in our very large city is nothing but a graphic play-by-play of car chases, robberies and shootings).

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  1. H ha. I love it. I've done the same thing! The news thing has happened to me too.. talk about explaining!

  2. too funny. thanks for the honesty, err, dishonesty? made me feel more normal,



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