Sunday, December 21, 2008

The hard to wrap gifts...

This is a shout-out to my husband, Scott. He now refers to himself as a blogging widow and even with all the extra duties he took on this week (what with my being incapacitated with my latest obsession) he still found time this week to help me out with bloggy stuff.

To Scott:
Thank you for fixing the graphics on my blog though you had a million other things you could've and should've been doing. I never thought I'd say that I'm blessed to have a husband who is a geek by nature and trade.

Thank you for encouraging me in writing this blog and surprising me by buying not one but two domain names which you unceremoniously told me about one night. Sure, you should have saved them as Christmas gifts but as you said, "they were too hard to wrap."

But most of all, thank you for coming home every night from work to this madhouse especially on nights that you know I've made the dreaded veggie and cheese sauce pasta (AKA the crappy pasta).

Thank you for the countless other things you do for our family. We love you.

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  1. I love the cheese goes so well with everything!


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