Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random Bits of Life...The Photo Edition

I think these photos go all the way back to September.  I've been so off and on with the blog that these little bits of life haven't gotten documented.  And because my memory is lousy (at best) I know I better get these memories posted before they fade away...

Bri and Des' first day of school

Scott's first race

Cub scouts popcorn sales

Painting the ugly wall in the backyard

More painting in the backyard but on a bit smaller scale

First ballet class

Rare moment of brotherly love

Jack and Des

Logan feeding the giraffes

Cub scouts at the park



 Pink ballerina

Purple ballerina

Jack reading on the jungle gym

Family photo at Thanksgiving

Great Dona and Des

Beautiful Bri

Logan and Marley

Still loving ballet class

One of Jack's swisher shots 

Excited to be playing basketball with friends

Des and Bri's first day of their new preschool

First day of school with a good friend

Photo session with two of their besties...Ella and Yuliya

Cute, silly trouble makers

Whew!  I think I'm finally all caught up on the random bits of life from the past several months!

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