Friday, January 18, 2013

Phony Photos

Last batch of photos from the phone before I hopefully start getting real pics posted here.

1. fun at preschool  2.  Logan just hangin' out  3. sleepy Des  4. the boys rockin' out  5. tantrum time from Bri  6. new holiday Legos  7. first visit from the Tooth Fairy for Jack  8. snow sighting for Jack and Bri  9. storytime with Nana

1. Bri waiting for a leotard in the dryer  2. Jack trying out a hovercraft  3. Bri's heart in lights  4. Bri and Jack on a flight  5. Logan and Des waiting for their flight  6. Des and Granddad on Pier 39  7. Logan and a school of sardines  8. Lefty's in San Francisco  9. silly Logan and Des

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