Sunday, January 13, 2013

Phony Photos

I recently started carrying my camera again thanks to my beautiful new purse/camera bag I got for Christmas.  Hopefully, I can start taking a posting some halfway decent photos again.  In the meantime, I have some November and December instagram pics to get caught up on.

1. General daily chaos  2. basic blocks at Nana's house  3. Bri getting a lift from Granddad  4. snuggly Jack 5. Des and Nana  6. the boys and Marley  7. the girls with Granddad  8. Logan  9. silly Papa

1. fun with friends  2. the girls 'uniform' which is leggings, a shirt tucked in (to look like a leotard) and a tutu  3. Jack  4. Logan and a beautiful corn snake  5. gingerbread village  6. gorgeous Des  7. sisters  8. Des finds the perfect tree  9. and Papa cuts it down

1. reindeer antlers are necessary for decorating  2. Logan puts on an early morning rock concert  3. sleeping Logan  4. more fun with friends  5. sleepy kids  6. Bri and teacher Cynthia  7. sleeping Logan  8. Des and Mama at the park  9. Jack emailing the grandparents

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