Monday, January 21, 2013

Girls Trip!

Scott had the smart idea for the girls and I to take an overnight trip.  Typically, when I am with the girls, we are rushing somewhere or trying to accomplish something.  The hope for this trip was that with no responsibilities, we could just have fun, be silly and enjoy being together.  And for the most part, it worked.

We took a short road trip to Solvang, a cute Danish town.  We rode a horse-drawn trolley, did some window shopping, ate Danish food (including delicious aebleskiver!), did some more window shopping and, of course, what girls trip would be complete without manicures.


Bri's wet nails

Have stage...will perform!

Des' manicure

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  1. Aww- so cute! Looks like you girls had a blast!! What a great idea and so glad you had a fun girls trip!


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