Monday, April 1, 2013

Random Bits of Life...Another Photo Edition

Well, another couple of months has come and gone so it must be time for another photo drop.  Here are just a few of the memories we've made in February and March.

A trip to the zoo -
Bri grooming a goat at the zoo
Scott and Logan making sure the goats are well-fed

"Please just pose nicely for one photo together!"

Des takes a rest while checking the map...

A close-up with an Asian elephant

Open House at the elementary school - 

A journal entry from Jack

Jack's self-portrait

Another self-portrait by Jack (He has two-tone hair so
he always draws himself with different color patches
of hair.)

Jack and more of his work

Logan's self portrait sitting on an origami bench
playing an origami piano made by Logan

Origami frog and story by Logan

Logan working on another origami project

Easter with family -
All dressed up at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Goofy self-portrait

Logan made a friend

At the park with cousin Lexi

Yep, dying eggs in the middle of the park...

"Yep, we think Mama is weird too..."
Another zoo trip -
Finally!  A half-way decent pose...

Fun with friends

Bri brought her preschool friend, Peanut, to meet
the other elephants.

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