Friday, December 31, 2010

Who's who?

Which little monkey:
  • Asked, "If there is a Little Ethiopia here (in Los Angeles), are there Little Americas in other parts of the world?"
  • Gets himself dressed first thing in the morning before anyone even sees him?
  • Gives away his coveted sillybands to friends at school if they don't have any?

Which little love bug:
  • Said, "Which Ethiopia did the girls come from?" (as in Little Ethiopia in Los Angeles or Big Ethiopia in Africa)
  • At bedtime, says, "I've got stuff to do at night, Mama. I'm nocturnal."?
  • When caught and scolded for cutting his sweatshirt, said, "But Mama, I'm using the fabric scissors!"

Which little peanut:
  • Loves to get comfort by laying her head on our chest to listen to Mama or Papa's heartbeat?
  • Has an easy smile?
  • Seems to be trying to imprint details of Mama in her brain by nuzzling, sniffing and even licking her at bedtime?
  • Keeps pointing to herself and saying her name because she loves to label everything?

Which little chickpea:
  • Worked up all her courage (because she is scared of dogs) to get close enough to Marley to lick her?
  • Said her first two English words: "Papa" and "Oh uh!"?
  • Loves the swing (even the big kid swing) so much that she cries when she falls off...not because she's hurt but because she desperately wants back on?
  • Is frantic to kiss other peoples' earlobes when she is upset?


  1. I love when you post these. You are really on top of your blog these days. Good for you!! :) Happy New Year!

  2. What a great collection special moments. I wish I blogged when my kids were younger.

    I hope you have an amazing 2011,


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