Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dear American Girl,

Please quit sending me your catalogs. Sure, I could order an American Girl doll that looks just like me (fair/medium-skinned, blue-eyed, long straight brown hair) but I'm a bit old to be playing with dolls. Yes, I have two daughters and they do enjoy dolls. But they sure don't look like any of your dolls. My girls have the most beautiful supple dark-chocolate complexion. Their deep dark brown eyes show warmth and a bit of mischievousness. They have eyelashes that are the envy of every women they meet. They have full perfect cupid's-bow kissable lips. And their hair...soft and tightly curled is black as night with little curls popping out every-which-way.

It's unfortunate that you do not make a doll as strikingly beautiful as my daughters. You might have many more customers if you did. Until that day, please stop sending me your catalogs.

Mom to 4 gorgeous kids


  1. You know I love you, but I also do love the American Girl. The unique thing about these dolls is the stories that actually teach a bit of history to young girls through their great books and movies. Your girls are too young for this now. But, you might find you like it in the future. Alexa (at age 6) is loving learning about each of the girls and the time period they represent. I love that we are actually reading things based on historical facts. You might want to check out Addie Walker. Her story is certainly not the same as your daughters, but it doesn't hide the sad truths. :)

  2. Hey you know what, I noticed that too! I received a catalong about a month ago and I was shocked to see no black american girl doll, I even checked through it twice, b/c I couldn't believe Addie wasn't there anymore. I know they used to have Addie in previous catalogs. I can relate, I was upset by that too.

  3. We got Erk. one of the bitty baby twins (you can buy them separate at the store)-they have great curly hair to play with and she loves it!
    The doll is the "dark skin, black hair" twin.

    I have noticed, though, that they don't have an 18 inch one that would look like Erk., why?! And really, I don't want to spend that much anyway!

  4. Yup, so sad. I went to this store over the summer with my niece - there were PLENTY of great 18" dolls that looked like her, but not one looked like my dark skinned, curly haired daughter. The store mentioned that they have the itty bitty twin that we could buy, but no 18" doll yet. I'm glad they don't send me their catalog!

  5. Dear American Girl,

    Blah blah blah.... I totally agree with Carey! P.S. Please stop sending me your obnoxious catalogs. I have never ordered anything from you, and oh, by the way, I HAVE THREE BOYS! Rrrggh.

  6. As a mom to 2 teenage boys I didn't realize that "American Girls" were so lily-white! Have they looked around at America?

    Great post.

    Hugs & love,

  7. loved this carey, and glad you could send them your own reasons for not supporting their brand at this time!

  8. Great thinking Carey. Although i am also a fan of American Girl but the way you think is also good. Thanks

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