Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The tree

We live in a large city so Christmas tree shopping usually takes place at H0me Dep0t's parking lot or abandoned corner lots that were pumpkin "patches" last month. Scott had a great idea to find a "cut your own tree" farm. At first I thought he was crazy...did such places even exist anymore? and do we really need to traipse to heck knows where to get a tree? We had a great time though and I got some cute photos.

The next day Scott and I hung the lights without the girls noticing. Since this was presumably their first Christmas tree, we wanted to surprise them. We gathered the kids around the tree and threw the switch. The girls were appropriately awed.

I'm glad we decided to cut our own tree this year and I think we've just started a new holiday tradition.


  1. Carey, it is SO good to hear from you, and to see photos of the kids! My oh my, how they've all grown... so beautiful, all four of them!

    Loved the photos, and hearing about their first tree cutting experience. I have to admit, it was strange and sweet to see people wearing shorts to get the tree -- I keep forgetting that it's warm where you are!

    How have you been, how are you doing? Did you know we are in the midst of the adoption process as well? We're finishing up the assessment, with a possible match in sight. (adopting from foster care, girl, 4-7 age group).

    You are loved and missed!

  2. Priceless! Can not wait to do this myself some day! Have a amazing holiday!

  3. Wow! the kids are really growing up! those are awesome pics and such wonderful memories you're making! what a great tradition...we did that until the last christmas we were out of town...and this year has been so busy. such a wonderful holiday it will be for you all this year! blessings, carrie! :)

  4. We live in a big city too, and usually get our tree at Home Depot or one of those corner lots...this year was Home Depot. But, I love the idea of cutting a tree at a farm. We have friends who do that often...maybe next year for us!

  5. So cute- adorable pics- I think I want to do that next year!

  6. We almost always cut our own tree & it is a wonderful tradition.

    Hugs & love,

  7. While I lived in CT, we cut our own tree every year. Drove 45 miles to the tree farm, walked to the top of the big hill (because that's where all the BEST trees are, of course!), picked and chopped down the tree and strapped it to the roof for the 45 miles back down I-95. We always stopped for pizza at CT's best pizza place along the way, and we were never the only car with a tree strapped on top that day. It's a great tradition and I am glad you can do it in CA. Our Helsinki tree was delivered to us this year, and will be picked up after the holidays. That works, too :) Loved seeing the pictures!

  8. Awwww. What beautiful pictures.

    Enjoy your holiday season!

    Sen :)


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