Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December Randomness...

This month has been crazy busy. Here are just a few snapshots of our daily life.

Early in the month we had a warm spell and thought we should take the girls swimming for their first time ever. Of course the pool was closed for maintainence. We headed to a friend's jacuzzi but it wasn't quite the experience we envisioned for the girls' first time in the water.

Jack and Logan managed to entertain themselves for quite a long time one morning quizzing each other about Star Wars using Papa's book.

Des and Bri can be each others worst enemies or best friends. They drive each other crazy and can easily make each other laugh.

Like we didn't have enough to accomplish this month, Logan talked me into buying him and Jack a no-sew blanket kit. I thought this would basically mean that I would be making two blankets by myself. Luckily, the boys were much more helpful than I thought and we didn't spend too long making their blankets.

Wherever I am, the girls are. This includes the kitchen when I'm trying to make breakfast, lunch and dinner. And the girls tend bring stuff, stuff and more stuff wherever they are. On this night, they've managed to get a hamper, two strollers, three stools and one wagon into the kitchen. It's quite the obstacle course when I'm trying to make a meal.

So, in an effort to keep clingy hands off my pants and the obstacle course out of the kitchen, I've started corralling the girls on the counter. Seeing as though this isn't terribly safe and is fairly nerve-wrecking for me, it's surprising that this is the only way I can get anything accomplished at mealtime.

The boys recently watched Harry Potter and a couple of times I've found Logan in a closet (because we don't have an under the staircase area). One evening, he rearranged the toys in our cabinet to make himself his own "closet" stocked with blankets and pillows.


  1. I was in a mood - and now I'm not! Thanks Jack, Logan, Bri and Des!

  2. looks like some fun busy times in your household :) i love all the toys in the kitchen...we have a small kitchen and last night emmy mento made a choo-choo train of chairs but got very upset when i had to "derail" it in order to get to the fridge!

    Have a blessed first Christmas with the girls!

  3. Your kids are all so adorable. It's hard for me to even think that these are the same two girls I saw in Ethiopia in April. They've changed so much since then. Have a Happy New Year!


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