Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No love for Santa...

We knew it was a foolish idea to take all four young kids to see Santa. But we thought we'd attempt it anyway.

When Jack met Santa he looked like he'd been caught doing something really naughty. But at least he sat with him and said what he'd like in his stocking.

Logan refused to go closer than 15 feet to the jolly old guy. He said he'd take a picture with Santa if Santa were outside the building and Logan were inside the building and I could take the picture through the glass door! (I thought it would have made a hysterical picture but I didn't have the heart to ask Santa to do it!)

Bri thought about sitting with Santa but quickly changed her mind. And Des wanted no part of any of it unless Scott or I were holding her.

Here is one and only photo we got of us with Santa...and yes, Logan refused to participate at all.

What did they ask for? Jack wanted a pack of silly bands (all the rage among the in-crowd of kindergartners) and Logan requested a ladybug pillow pet (which I had to relay to Santa since Logan refused to speak to (or look at) him). And the girls...of course, they were rather tight-lipped on the subject but they seemed to just want more, more, more of the complimentary cookies for those who visit Santa. ;)

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  1. Love these photos!! I especially love the expressions that Santa has :)


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