Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I've been missing from blogland again...but I still want to document our life so I'm going to cheat and do a mostly photo recap post. (I mentioned I was cheating, right? Well, I'm cheating so much that this November post is going to have the last couple days of October included.)

For Halloween, Jack and Logan wanted to be clone troopers (Commanders Cody and Rex, I believe). And because I left Scott in charge of costumes this year (a mistake I'm not likely to repeat), Des and Bri were Ewokes.

The only way to tell the Ewokes apart is their color-coded earclip flowers.
This is purple so it must be Des.

Not sure Bri likes her costume...

Somebody mentioned candy...let's get going!

Jack and Logan played a very short season of soccer. Jack knew two classmates on a team that had lost several players throughout the season. So both Jack and Logan signed on and though it was halfway through the season and their first ever attempt at a team sport, they both did awesome.

A day at the beach...

Random collection of shots...

A trip to visit Nana and Granddad for Thanksgiving...


  1. my Carrie, the children have grown so much! The boys are getting so big and the girls look so wonderful.

  2. yeah you all look so happy! I'm glad this is so good for your family <3

  3. It looks like life is going really well. Great to see you!

    Hugs & love,

  4. Great photos, Carey! It looks like the girls are really adapting well.

    Miss ya!

  5. Carey! Those are the most handsome Clone Troopers and ADORABLE Ewoks I have EVER seen!

  6. Oh, but they're such cute Ewoks! At least next year they'll be big enough and have the English enough to share what they DO want to be. =)

  7. So fun to finally see pictures!! I love that the hair is coming in.


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