Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You know you are a mom when...

...you consider crusts a meal...as in peanut butter and jelly sandwich crusts for lunch or pizza crusts for dinner.

...you use fictional characters to try and coerce little people into doing what they consider unpleasant things...for example, "Even jedi knights have to go to bed" or "Of course, Darth Vader takes a bath...imagine how bad he'd smell if he didn't!"

...you think that if you ever won the lottery the first thing you'd do is hire someone to cut all of your kids' food at every meal time.

...you think you need to lose weight not for health or vanity reasons but to more easily climb into the third row of the minivan to buckle and unbuckle your kids from their carseats twenty times a day.

...you are so excited to go to the grocery store because you get to go ALL BY YOURSELF!

Oh, the joys of motherhood!


  1. This post had me laughing! There are some days when my husband will ask me if I'm hungry at our dinnertime after the kids have gone to bed, and what I've eaten that day. I have to think.... Well, I ate the crusts of Kai's peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and the leftovers of Ian's quesadilla. Oh, and Eli's half a glass of milk that he didn't finish! Mmmmm, nutrition!

  2. Ha I remember so many of those things!


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