Sunday, August 8, 2010

More cute pictures...

I thought that title would get your attention! Now that I've lured you here under (somewhat) false pretenses I'm going to ask for a quick and easy favor:

Please, please, please sign this petition to save my kids' preschool.

Though our school is housed in a men's locker room (no, really!), the Dept of Rec and Parks wants to charge us $200 a day to use an otherwise unrentable space! They are effectively closing our preschool down with this ridiculous fee. And this school has been so much more than a preschool for my family. For the past three years, the people at this school have been a part of our daily lives. Not only have the boys made wonderful friends, but I have made lasting friendships. I desperately want Logan to be able to finish his last year at Rancho and have the girls experience how wonderful it is.

Please help us save my children's preschool by signing the petition and passing it on. Thank you! Again, here is the link:

All that you've signed the petition, I'll reward you with photos of my adorable kids. For the record, I'm finding it nearly impossible to get pictures of the girls...they are always on the move. And I've always had a hard time getting photos the boys together so imagine trying to get all four in one shot. Anyway, here they are as promised...

Des and Bri found the boys' lightsabers all on their own.

Logan couldn't get enough of the girls so he climbed up in their bed for naptime.

Checking up on the girls at the playground.

My first and, so far, only pic of all four of my beautiful kiddos!




  1. beautiful wonderful lovely kids! Looks like your boys are really loving them up. Any problems so far? They all look so happy!

  2. Congratulations on being home! What beautiful children. They look so happy. Best wishes.

  3. I love that the girls already found the lightsabers- too funny!! They are so beautiful- can't wait to see them again!

  4. I signed! Hope ya'll are able to keep it open.

    Beautiful photos! So glad you all are enjoying each other :)

  5. I love the picture of them at naptime - to be so vulnerable and at peace in your home is an amazing thing to behold. We all were talking about you at the IAN picnic yesterday and how we wished you and many other of our IAN pals were closer to us here in Colorado!

  6. lol, I love the lightsaber pic's...our house too:) your family is so beautiful....good luck with the pre-school!!!

  7. Oh my Carey! I just caught up on the pictures you have posted and the girls are just beautiful. The boys look like they are just so sweet with them. I'm so happy for you and the family.

  8. Love your first picture of the 4 of them together!

  9. Carey and Scott, what a beautiful family! The girls are adorable and it's great to see them smiling and laughing. You brought that light to them.--deb.

  10. Amazing, your family is so beautiful! I love that picture on the playground.

    I am so happy that you finally have your beautiful daughters!


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