Sunday, August 15, 2010


Des and Bri don't really talk yet (in Amharic or Sidaminga or English, for that matter) to us. However, they definitely talk to each other. Here is what I think they are saying:
  • "Hey Sis...why does Mama keep blowing on our food before she feeds us? That is really weird, right?"
  • "And what is the deal with our tushies and tummies? Everytime we take a bath it is practically all Mama can talk about in that syrupy baby voice!"
  • "Don't get me started with the poop! Why in the world do you think Mama is collecting it and saving it in those little tubes? I've heard of baby keepsakes but really, she is taking it too far!"*

* For the record, I'm collecting stool samples for some lab tests. Fun stuff, huh?

Des and Bri


  1. Yuck! I don't envy that job! I'm sure the girls are also saying, "This is a really cool place. We are very lucky!!!" :)

  2. Carey, you are TOOOO funny! I think that is exactly what they are saying, right before they say "Aren't we so lucky to have such an amazing Mommy?!?"

  3. Yep, they're also saying we are such lucky little girls to have found such an amazing forever family!

  4. Sorry I haven't posted in a while Your girls are beautiful.. I know your family is blessed with them in your lives...


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