Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Camp

Last summer was a rough one for me. And I knew it was going to me, so much so that I started a weekly carnival to help me and other mamas survive.

This summer I decided to go a different direction. I enrolled the boys in a camp three days a week for several weeks. Though the boys didn't always like it and frequently boycotted going, when they were there it offered me a chance to get things accomplished before my trip to Ethiopia. Since being back, they have really not wanted to go (unfortunately), wanting to be with mama and the girls instead.

This was the last week of camp. On Wednesday, they put on hilarious performance for us. Below are pictures from that performance and excerpts from their "All About Me" books that they worked on:

  • My favorite color is red and blue.
  • My favorite game to play is Star Wars.
  • My favorite foods are I don't remember and ice cream and strawberries.
  • Summer vacation is great! I like to go fishing and to McDonald's and have a McFlurry.
This was some strange 'months of the year' song that they combined with macarana dance moves.

  • My favorite color is blue and light brown.
  • My favorite game to play with a firetruck and to play spies.
  • My favorite foods are broccoli and candy.
  • My favorite pet is a Marley-dog and he likes peanut butter cookies.

This is the "tooty-ta" song and dance. Believe it or not, Logan is doing it right!


  1. I LOVE the tuti ta!!! I think there is nothing cuter!

  2. My boys did both of these songs back in Kindergarten. They were HUGE hits, and I can remember losing sleep because they would swim around in my head endlessly. We especially loved Tootie-Ta!!

  3. I love that both broccoli and candy are on his fav. food list!

  4. Adorable. Peanut Butter cookies are my fav too.

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