Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who's who?

Which little monkey:
  • Has been working on his Christmas list for three months?
  • Gets himself dressed every morning before he even comes out of his room?
  • Keeps imagining that the girls' baby talk is really talk ("Hey Mama, Des just said sarcophagus!")?
  • Needs to eat a pear everynight before he goes to bed?

Which little lovebug:
  • Said, "Mama, that is not what I ordered!" when I served dinner one night?
  • Refers to Bri and Des as "his girls?"
  • Gave me a big smooch and said, "When we kiss, I get your germs and you get mine!"?
  • Said, "Nice guns, lady!" to a female police officer?

Which little cutie pie:
  • Refuses to drink from a sippy cup but insists that you unscrew the lid every time she wants a drink?
  • Loves popcorn (just like a true Ethiopian (and her mama))?
  • Puckers up so big when she comes in for a kiss?

Which little cutie patootie:
  • Kissed her reflection in the stainless steel dishwasher?
  • Gained two pounds in two weeks?
  • Left quite the impression (pun intended) at a local park where she walked through (and fell face first in) wet cement?


  1. My little girl has been talking Christmas lists already! I'm so not ready, lol

  2. Such a cute post! I cannot believe how great the girls look! So great to see a smile on their face.

  3. So sweet! Love the way you posted this! You are so creative! The girls are beautiful and seem to have grown by leaps and bounds!! I can see their hair coming in...time to invest in some headbands and bows =)

  4. I love how you capture these things...they will be so precious years from now. As for right now, that must've been quite an outing to the park. I remember how "cool" it was to catch the city guys right after they filled in the sidewalk so we could add our initials...wonder if she (ok, thinking it's Des? am I right? trying to get the faces/names straight) is planning ahead to when she gets her space at Grauman's Theatre?? :-) Forget foot or hand prints, it's my FACE you'll want to remember!

  5. Oh, what a precious update on the kids! And what a shock that must have been to see your child fall face first in the cement!


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