Thursday, July 12, 2012

You know you are a mom when...

...the back of your car resembles a sports' locker. think it's perfectly acceptable to add body wash to the inflatable pool in the backyard and call it bath time.  (Oh, yes, I did!)

...a trip to the grocery store all by yourself  is considered a luxury. consider a trip to your mother's house a better vacation than Hawaii because your mom will cook and clean and watch the kids!

...time is measured in the lengths of TV shows like "This road trip will take 7 Diegos." researching potential pets, you consider urine output an important factor because you know the cage won't be cleaned as frequently as you'd like.

...the only writing instruments you can find in your purse have cartoon characters, hearts or Star Wars figures on them. think it's all worth it for these ones:


  1. I laughed out loud for your second comment. And, can totally relate with all the others. Love the picture, too.

  2. This could be a game of "How many of these can you relate to!" LOL

    We also used to measure time by TV shows -- was Blue's Clues for us at the time. Hilarious!


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