Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Phony Photos

More pictures of daily life from my cell phone:

1.  Long days with good friends at the pool  2. me  3. Logan can sleep anywhere, anytime  4. Logan's note to our house-sitter...the first instruction is to count the gerbils to make sure none escaped  5. popsicles with Nana  6. mountain lake  7. Mama and Bri on a chairlift  8. cooling off in the lake  9. laying under a tree while the kids play

1. It's not summertime without popsicles  2. or ice cream  3. Papa  4. the girls love bandaids

1. laundry, laundry and laundry  2.  surprise!  One of our 'male' gerbils, Lightening Bolt, had babies  3. my little monkeys can climb  4. soccer camp  5. Logan handed me his binoculars so I wouldn't lose site of him and Jack while they scootered down the block  6. asleep again  7. Storm  8. from Logan's drawing class, Corn and Gerbil  9. another day, another park 

1. how Logan treats a hangnail  2. life is a great balancing act  3. another day, another park  4. Scott & I

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  1. Carey- I love all your photos! I remember joining in your blog a few years back on how to survive summer...looks like you're all thriving this summer and enjoying it! :-) love the pic of you and Scott! :-)


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