Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Fun

As I mentioned before, I'm too lazy to carry my good camera with me anymore and have resorted to cell phone photos as my only means to record our family activities.  Thank goodness for my friend Kim, AKA my personal family photographer, who is managing to capture beautiful pics of my kids every time we hang out which is thankfully a lot.

Here are some of her wonderful photos from a few of our recent activities:

At the berry-picking farm, Logan and Bri

Too bad Jack won't actually eat boysenberries


Des' perfect strawberry

Getting strawberry stains on our butts

Des and her own personal cheek fireworks 

Waiting and more waiting for the fireworks to start

Long days in the pool with friends

Kids reggae concert with lots of friends
Des' game face on the field
Logan practicing some serious soccer skills
Thank you Kim for acting as my personal photographer over the kids will thank you years from now too!


  1. Love spending time with you and your beautiful children!

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