Sunday, December 6, 2009

Who's who?

Which little monkey:
  • Always asks me the tough questions while I'm driving (like "do parents ever die before their kids?")?
  • Wouldn't stop watching TV though his show was over because he couldn't turn the TV off and if it's left on with no one watching it he considers it wasting electricity?
  • Draws his mama treasure maps where "X" marks a treasure chest with cookies?

Which little love bug:
  • Went out for an after dinner walk in a huge winter jacket, a pair of shorts, a baseball hat, an adult length scarf and Elton John style sunglasses (though it was after dark)?
  • Said his mama was "the best toast maker in the whole world!"?
  • Loves to vacuum and do laundry?


  1. It's hard to tell them apart. They're both sooo cute!!

  2. oh my gosh... your boys are so gorgeous!!!! Fabulous photos!

  3. Love this. Their eyes are so gorgeous and the outfit for walking is hysterical.

  4. Great pics Carey! The boys sure are getting big. They have the most beautiful eyes too.

  5. hello! I found your blog on blog frog.. your kids are cute! great photos! Dont you just love photo editing! I live in the High desert.. do you still live in california?\

  6. Ooo maybe your youngest wee love bug can come and have fun vacuuming at my house. And maybe your little monkey can draw me a "treasure map" with the same type of treasure you get. Too wonderful!

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