Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Sneaky Blogiversary

I missed my blogiversary! I guess it's not terribly surprising considering how little I post nowadays...

A year ago, if you had told me that I would be faithfully writing 5 days a week, reading countless blogs, "meeting" friends online and even would have another blogger fly 2000 miles to stay with my family, I would have thought you were insane. But, that is just what happened...for about 8 months.

And during that time, if you had told me that I would stop reading my new friends' blogs and only write very sporadically, I would have told you were insane. But, that is just what happened...for about 4 months.

Blogging was a large and fulfilling part of my life. And I very much want to get back to it. I'm not sure what the hold up is though.

In any case, I wanted to mention my blogiversary...even if it is a day late.


  1. I was just checking on you today to see if I've missed anything ;) Happy Blogiversary! I'm sure you're busy with those sweet little monkeys :) Take care!

  2. Happy 1 day late blogiversary. you are missed. Life is busy. Hope you check in a bit more often.

  3. Happy late bloggerversary! That looks weird...the spelling looks freaky...hmmmm

  4. You know what. Life gets busy, it just does. If you are here, you are here and we'll stop by and say hi. ANd if you are busy we get that too! Trust me, I totally understand!

  5. Happy blogiversary, Carey!!

    I missed you!!

  6. Happy Blogiversary!!!! So glad you checked in for your anniversary...your missed, but I am sure that you are enjoying the real world.

  7. well, happy day to you, lady! we miss ya! :)

  8. Happy Blogiversary! I'm still reading and it's ok to take the break. Life goes by too quickly.

  9. Hey there! Glad to see your still alive... and blogging... kinda. Anyway, Happy Blogoversary!


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