Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Christmas Tradition

For the first time, I let Jack and Logan go to the store and pick one new Christmas ornament each. I showed Logan a retro wooden space ship. He said, "That's mine!" and that was the end of his search for the perfect ornament (which lasted a whole 3 seconds). Jack, on the other hand, looked and looked and deliberated. (He has some trouble making decisions.) He easily spent 20 minutes trying to choose (all the while Logan looked on with amusement while he clutched his ornament). In the end, Jack choose a little glass pig.

I think that the boys picking out a Christmas ornament each year could become a new tradition.

And though I wasn't planning on getting anything myself, these are the two ornaments were calling my name.

You can clearly see where my head is China and Ethiopia.


  1. Great ornaments! At my MOPS meeting recently they had people share some of their favorite Christmas traditions and this one was a great one (letting their children pick out a special ornament each year) A good twist was making sure you mark their name & the year on it (hidden if need be) and then when our grown children (it'll happen someday!) begin creating their adult homes and families, give them their ornaments as a gift.

  2. Wonderful tradition in the making! Just think, one day the kids will pass this on to their kids too. fun ornaments too!

  3. awww...I totally can see why you got those two! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a great New Years Eve!

  4. Keeping you in my thoughts. We do a similar thing with our ornaments too. It's so fun to decorate and remember each ornament.

  5. We let the kids pick out ornaments too or get them one that represents the things they were into that year. Cute picks. Love your ornaments.

  6. Why not adopt from the American foster care system? Just curious.
    We plan to adopt also but 3 boys may be enough for anyones sanity.

  7. Oh and Happy New Year! That was not meant to be nasty I'm always curious as to why people adopt from outside the US when so many kids need someone to love them.

  8. We did(and still do for some) that every year. Yes, we mark them and each year they get packed in their own little ornament boxes. When they get married(two have so far) they get their box the Christmas following their wedding. I kept up the ornament tradition until this year. I told all the older kids that this was the last year and I gave them all money to pick out ornaments. (up until this season I had been picking our ornaments for all of them based on something that happened the previous year) They were all bummed that the tradition is being put to rest. All except our 10 year old...cuz we decided she still gets ornaments until she's 21. :) I think the ornaments your guys picked out are perfect!! :) You might want to keep a little journal that you tuck in with their ornaments each year that explain the reasoning behind that particular ornament. You WILL forget!!LOL

  9. I love it! That's a great tradition...

    Happy new year to you and yours, Carey!


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