Thursday, December 3, 2009

November in review

November was both a slow but momentous month for our family. We didn't have much planned and the weather was still gorgeous so we spent a lot of time at parks.

The rest of our spare time was spent researching adoption agencies and getting paperwork together. Huh? Yes, we are pursuing another adoption though our first (a daughter from China) is still years away. We are excited to be getting back on this crazy rollercoaster to adopt a daughter from Ethiopia. More details to come soon...

In the meantime, here are a couple of photos from November.


  1. Why not from right here in America? Lots of kids need a good mommy and daddy. I loved LA in November it was 80˚ and we came back to 20˚ BELOW zero

  2. OMGosh how wonderful!!!

    A good friend of mine adopted a little girl and boy from Ethiopia 3 years ago. She has a blog in my blogroll called Crossing the Prairie in a Covered Wagon. Please check it out it you want to -- ask her any questions... she loves to talk about this and would love to help other people. She is the greatest!

    Good luck in this new venture of yours!


  3. Gorgeous sunshine there and super adorable of the boys on their bikes! I also have a friend who adopted triplets from Ethiopia a couple of years ago and they are so sweet! Wherever you are able to adopt from, will be a wonderful blessing for everyone...I pray for a successful journey to your daughter, wherever she may be :) Have a great weekend!

  4. Hey, that's our pool tile that Scott is sitting on! Wonderful pictures of the boys. Call me sometime when you can chat.

  5. Beautiful pictures. Are you using the one of the boys together for your Christmas Card? So sweet.

  6. wow! GOOD FOR YOU! ((HUGS)) and happy thoughts for your family!

  7. So you have an adoption in the works that's still years off? And now a new one behind that is in the works, right?

    I had no idea adoption took THAT long. That's unbelievable.

    The boys are just precious!

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