Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Phony Photos

This has been a weird transition time for the family.  The boys started school but the girls don't start for an other week.  Des and Bri finished up summer camp and are now spending every waking (and quite a few sleeping) moments with Mama.  The boys seem to be happy to have a regular schedule again and to be able to see their friends at school.  They both like their teachers and haven't started protesting homework just yet so all is relatively good.  Here are some daily life photos from my phone:

 1. Bri and Des at their last days of summer camp  2. Bri, the happy camper  3. Their drawing skills are further examples of how much Bri is like Jack and Des is like Logan  4. Des twirling  5. lazy afternoon on a hot day  6. Mama and Des  7. napping in the stroller to pick up the boys from school  8. the girls with their friend Micah trying to figure out how the ATM works  9. waiting for Mr. Jose to open the gate at school to pick up their brothers

1. Jack  2. Bri  3. Des  4. Logan

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