Sunday, August 19, 2012

Survived Week 1

The boys are back at school but the girls still have two more weeks before they start.  Des and Bri are chomping at the bit to go back to "Cynthia's school."  Everyday, I am told repeatedly that they want to go.  Well, guess what girls?!?!?!  I'm ready for you to go back too!  This summer was short because our school district was completely changing calendars.  And there were a few camps and extra long weekend vacations to break up the days.  But still, I'm ready to get everyone back to school.

The boys seem to like their teachers and are pretty happy with the friends they are in class with.  Apparently, they seek each other out and sit together everyday for snack and lunch.  (Last year, Logan was in a different part of the school so this wasn't a possibility.)  I find it very sweet that they are excited to be able to spend time together during the school day.

Jack on the first day of 2nd grade

Logan on the first day of 1st grade

Ready to go!

It's a family affair on the first day of school.

Here's hoping for a better year than last...especially for Logan!


  1. Oh Carey--you really do have the cutest kids! That sib love at lunch is very special.

  2. Tooooo adorable. And that they look for each other is evidence of your greatest success. Cheers, Mama!


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