Monday, August 6, 2012

Who's Who?

Which little monkey:
  • Loves to draw geometric designs?
  • Has found a love of all things competitive including sports and games and has a unique talent for turning uncompetitive things into a competition?
  • Can shimmy up a 15' pole with no hand or foot holds?

Which little lovebug:
  • Hand-fed wild squirrels at the playground before I found out and freaked out?
  • Likes to pack for a trip several days in advance (which is completely different than the rest of the family that packs minutes before we are supposed to leave)?
  • When told that I would not be accompaning him to college so he needed to learn to tie his shoes, said, "That's okay...I'll just get a wife!"

Which little peanut:
  • Who had hiccups but forgot what they were called, said "I'm making a noise!"
  • Asks to have her hair done so she can look at pictures on my phone and watch videos on the ipad?
  • Is obsessed with ballerinas which just means anyone wearing light pink leotards and flowy tutus?

Which little chickpea:
  • After I get her dressed in the morning, promptly undresses herself and puts on a costume when I'm busy with the other kids?
  • Has an insanely infectious giggle?
  • Can dribble a basketball for quite sometime?

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  1. I love when you do these. The pictures are great, too.


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