Sunday, March 14, 2010

Logan's Head Vs. Park Bench

"In this corner...Logan's beautiful head!"
"Woohoo!" "Logan's head rocks!" "Yeah!" "You can do it!"

"And in this unassuming park bench!"
"Boo!" "You suck!" "Hissssss..."

As a mom of two rough and tumble kind of boys, it was just a matter of time before one of them got hurt. I guess it's most surprising that it hadn't happened yet.

Logan's head met it's match earlier this week in a metal playground bench. It was a knockout. Luckily one of the moms at Jack and Logan's school is a pediatric hospital nurse so she was help to help clean up Logan and calm me down. I had to make a split-second decision whether to go to the ER or our pediatrician.

We decided to head take our chances at the pediatrician. She told us what our options were at her office (steri-strips) and the ER (stitches or surgical glue). When I asked her opinion, she asked whether we were planning on a career in Hollywood for Logan. I laughed...and she said, "no, really, do you plan on him being a model or actor?" (Only in California!) I decided that scars add character and stayed at her office so Logan could be spared the pain (physically and emotionally) of the ER.

He's had the steri-strips on for a week already. Tomorrow I'll get to see the real damage...

Obviously, the injury hasn't affected his spirit! ;)


  1. yes, I can see he is very upset about the whole ordeal. Seriously though, OUCH! Isn't raising boys fun!!!

  2. Ouch. Glad he is ok...but head injuries can be so scary.

  3. Ouch. Been there. That is funny the doctor asked you about his future career. I'm glad the injury didn't break his spirit. Hope he's healing well - keep it moisturized with mederma or neosporin.

  4. my boys both have scars on their faces already. its not a big deal...theyre boys! and no, im not planning a career in modeling for them. thats hysterical that the doctor asked!

  5. Poor Logan, looks like the exact same spot as Griffin's first forehead scar!

  6. Busy boys... My Ezra has a big one by his eye from running into a table a couple years ago. He still says it's from his "itches," instead of stitches.

  7. Oh man, I've been there! Those dang metal park benches. My Kyle got in a fight with one. The bench won and Kyle has a scar on his eybrow to prove it. Lucky for me, I have a pediatrition for a husband. With two crazy boys, I actually just keep super glue in my first aid kit in our car! I know it sounds crazy...but it works the same as the stuff in the ER and costs way less....

    Here's to a speedy recovery, Logan!

  8. Oh no! Our DS crashed into a desk and split his between the eyes. Stitches... lovely.

    Glad to see he's doing well though.

  9. Oh man. Been there many times. Glad to hear he is doing well!


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