Thursday, March 11, 2010

The birthday...

For weeks Jack had been asking how long until his birthday. Several times a day, everyday, we discussed "the countdown." But oddly enough, the day before Jack's birthday he didn't ask...he had suddenly...forgotten.

We start each of the boys' birthdays with their room filled with balloons. (Which means that Scott and I start each birthday eve frantically blowing up said balloons. Then they have to be herded down the hallway and sneaked into the sleeping boys' room.)

So, Jack awoke on his birthday to his floor covered in balloons. Because he had forgotten that it was his birthday, he was rather confused. He came into our room and had to double check that the balloons were because it was his big day!

For the boys it was a school day. At lunchtime, Scott, our friend Jethro and I stopped by to share a birthday cupcake with Jack and all his friends.

Dinner that night was Jack's choice. He picked Wahoo's so we packed up some cupcakes and presents and threw an impromptu birthday party at the restaurant.

This year we decided to spread out the birthday present through out the day. In the morning, Jack got two Star Wars figures. Before dinner, he got Star Wars figures and a Star Wars fighter-ship-thingy. (Yes, that is the technical name!) After dinner, he got Star Wars figures. Sense a theme?
I hope Jack had a spectacular birthday! He is an amazing kid who deserves it!


  1. Aww. Happy Birthday a day late to Jack. What a fun and special day he had.

  2. I love all the balloons in his fun to wake up to that! Looks like a great day! He is so cute..and the cupcakes look yummy! I bet the Star Wars 'thingy' was a huge hit! haha! Have a great weekend! Love all the cute pics :)

  3. Carey,
    Awesome idea with the balloons. My oldest just turned 13 last week and I would have loved to see his face if we'd done that! I think we'd still be playing "Balloon Volleyball" today - one of my boys favorite games. Happy Birthday Jack!

  4. What fun, Carey! My boys are also in love with Star Wars!


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