Sunday, April 25, 2010


Ever since saying farewell to naptime, in the late afternoons this is how I find Logan:

Not sure he was quite ready to give up his nap just yet, huh?


  1. OMWord Carey, that is too funny. I love all the pictures. He is exhausted. LOL
    What is your number? I have been thinking about you!

  2. So sweet! I still find Alex that one from time to time! Naps are the best! Hope you're getting closer to your adoption! TAke care! ;)

  3. This is too cute. I actually have a CD of photos of my youngest sleeping in the strangest places - my faves are one of him sleeping in the front seat of our paddle boat, which was on shore while we were having lunch and the other is of him half in and half out of the bathroom...face on the hall carpet, feet under the sink!! Best memories! :-)

  4. that is AWESOME, I tell you.
    Hey, I've been missing your posts!

  5. That's funny. I still miss nap time. If only there was a place quiet enough for me to take a nap.

  6. I had too many typos. Let me try this again.
    I don't think any us should say farewell to nap time, EVER. =)


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