Monday, March 1, 2010

Who's who?

Which little monkey:
  • Said "When I'm a grown-up will you still be alive?" "Yes." "Good! Then you can do The Amazing Race with me!"?
  • Thinks that Up! is scary but Star Wars is not?
  • Said that he took a rocket ship to the future and was excited to report that the future has McDonald's and they serve healthy food and let you pick your own happy meal toy?

Which little love bug:
  • Woke up with a scratchy voice and when I commented that he had lost his voice he said "Mama, will you help me find it?"
  • Whenever I talk about his cute little tushie says, "Ugh, Mama, enough with the tushie!"?
  • When he sees me holding a friend's baby comes running up to ask if he can hold the baby and then reminds me that he would like "a sister baby" of his own?

Which family moved up a spot and is now #:


  1. LOL about enough with the tooshie. Too cute. Up is scary? Atleast he isn't asking you when you die if he can have stuff. LOL

  2. We love The Amazing Race! Middle Chicklet would give anything to go on it!

    YAY for moving up!

  3. Closer and closer, Carey... I'm getting so excited for you!!

  4. I hope you helped him find his voice. Your kids seriously say the best things!


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