Sunday, February 7, 2010

Daybook Entry...

I recently found out about this weekly meme called The Simple Woman's Daybook. I've got to admit that I'm not loving the title of this meme but I do like the linger on the simple things and find beauty of the everyday moments. I could stand to simplify by life a bit but in the meantime, this meme will have to do!

For Sunday, February 7, 2010:
Outside my window...a blue cloudless sky over a very green yard (it poured yesterday!)

I am thinking...about what to do with the boys today, a playground and some errands probably

I am thankful lucky I am to have a healthy family with a roof over our head and everything we need

I am pajamas because I'm still in bed (at 9:46 which is extremely rare for us)

I am brother and wishing we could be sharing in each others' lives

I am going have to take a shower soon because I stink

I am currently reading
...I just finished My Fathers' Daughter (a great book about an adopted women from Eritrea) and just started Food Rules

I am hoping stay in bed for the rest of the day but there is no way my family will let me get away with that

On my mind
...Having recently watched Food, Inc. I keep thinking about the food that we eat and specifically how it is made, what it is made of and where it comes from

Noticing that
...while I thought we eat semi-healthy I'm noticing that we could be doing a lot better

From the kitchen
...Scott just made crepes with a hint of chocolate ( in point about eating better?)

Around the house
...I need to declutter. I've always said that when something comes into the house something else should leave but I haven't acted upon it

One of my favorite things dreaming about my boys and future daughters

From my picture journal
...The boys got filthy at the park today and I decided they should get their bath before we did anything else for the day. They were not happy with this plan until I turned on the bubblemaker.


  1. I'm loving the bubble blower and you and me both with the eatinb better and need to declutter!

  2. Oh, what a fun mom you are with the bubble blower!!! Great idea!
    How I miss the green-ness of So. CA! I don't think we'll even be seeing the ground until April...9 more inches expected by Tuesday...ugh.
    And, I am a compulsive de-clutterer...but there always seems to be more coming in my house!

  3. She took a shower... and ALL OF THE HOT WATER. I had to wait 20 minutes for the water heater to hot enough to allow myself to have warm shower. Good thing it was a lazy Sunday and we had the time to wait.

    Hey... any crepe is a good crepe. There is no way that a crepe could be bad for you. Plus, I made it and that has to be good for you too!

    And... I turned on the bubble machine. I'm not sure why Logan brought into the bathroom and maybe it was at your request. But, I defintitely changed the batteries and turned it on.

  4. And... she mostly wants to declutter my stuff. She hardly keeps anything. I'm just happy she doesn't consider me clutter.

  5. Cute bubble machine. I wish it was warm enough here to go to the park. WE have cabin fever.

  6. a good thing to get for my grand daughters---a bubble machine!!!! great post

  7. What a neat journal. Great picture of the boys too. The bubble blower is the best idea I've seen for bath time in a while.

    Happy Day,


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