Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Farewell Tribute...to Naptime

Oh, dear sweet friend...I will miss you so.

You have been a daily companion and meant so much to all in our family. From the first day we met, I knew that I wanted to spend quality time each and every day with you. And now our time has been cut too short. I feel such loss that you were taken from us so soon. You were a bright spot in my day. You were my sanity, my hope, my sanctuary.

I will always remember you fondly. Rest in peace, old friend.

Take a trip down memory lane with my good dear friend, naptime. Enjoy!

October 2009

May 2009

April 2009

December 2008

July 2008

March 2008, Jack

February 2008, Logan

October 2007, Logan

July 2007, Jack

November 2006

September 2006, Logan

April 2005, Jack

Farewell sweet friend...


  1. Oh I so miss naps too. My kids all gave theirs up early (some at 2 or right before 2). My favorite is the pic of Logan with his bottom up in the air - my kids did that all the time. I wondered how that could be comfortable.

  2. It's Amber here from IAN and I have to say that your boys are so adorable! I love pictures of kids when they are sleeping (so sweet and peaceful). By the way, your posts are funny. I loved the one with you sporting jewelry your kids made. The other night my 8 year old made me a fake nail with playdough and some silly glue he concocted, I had to wear it out with my husband to dinner and a movie :) Oh motherhood...

  3. I love this! I still have one who naps and when the other two are at school I do so enjoy that peace and quiet. It won't be long before my last one is done with naps as well. I love all your pictures of them sleeping.

  4. Bwaaaa, Noooo! Naptime forever! Well, maybe not but isn't naptime a great time for mom. My 2 year old is REALLY fighting me on naps, excuse me while I go cry.

  5. Awww, I loved this post...so sweet...fare-THE-well, naptime!

  6. awww...yes, naptime was a favorite around here too, but now as they have gotten older they are at it again. This time they just don't want to get up.

  7. My kids all stopped napping at age two. It about killed me. I feel your pain. Once they are older, you will be able to take your OWN nap!

  8. Oh, how I so miss those naptimes too. Mine suddenly departed the minute my son turned 3 and he has not been down for naptime since. (He's 6 now!)
    Those were such good times.
    Your pics were so adorable, there is nothing sweeter than sleeping little ones. :)


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