Friday, August 28, 2009

Calling all cooks!


I'm a vegetarian. The rest of my family...not so much, though Jack has had an aversion to hamburgers for awhile.

I'm the primary cook in the house but I won't cook meat. (Ocassionally Scott will cook meat but for the most part it's what Scott and Logan order when we go out.)

My question it you know of any substitues for meat? I'm not talkng about tofu hot dogs or other products that pretend to look and taste like meat. (I love a good veggie burger but only the ones with black beans and real veggies...ones that no one could ever mistake for meat.)

I like watching a Food Network cooking shows...Rachael Ray, Melissa d'Arabian...but frequently their recipe calls for ground beef or turkey. Is there someway to make my own non-meat version? Maybe ground chickpeas or another bean? Does anyone have any experience with this?

I appreciate the help...Thanks!


  1. How about using lentils?

    Here's the link -

  2. Yuck I hate lentils but I use TVP textured vegetable protein in chili and tacos and such. You can buy it in the bulk section of most stores and add soften it with water or add directly to what ever you are making. I know their is a product you can make with vital wheat gluten called seiten and that you can sub in for meat chunks. I would just google it. You might want to check out vegan with a vengeance or veginomicon as both are highly recommended by several friends. Good luck.

  3. I have no idea?? We're a total meat kind of

  4. I really wish I could help you. I am not a culinary wizard by any stretch of the imagination. Our family eats meat, although I don't eat red meat, and they do.

    By the way, I did check out grocery stores when I was in Cali, thought of you the entire time. I had a notepad and pen in hand, taking notes, I'm sure they thought I was nuts... but the prices of groceries for fresh meats and fresh fruits/veggies, milk, etc, is about a third of the prices up here. I was floored. I can't wait to move, we'll be able to afford to eat, LOL! Especially when it comes to feeding teenage boys. Bring it on!

  5. Sorry girl!! I'm all about sharing good receipe's but mine all contain meat or seafood.

  6. Sorry, not a vegetarian either! However, one of my dearest friends and her family including a beautiful almost 2 year old that doesn't eat meat is! I will ask her to pass on any culinary delights that she has created!

  7. I almost didn't even read the post because I am so not a cook...and I have nothing that I can tell you to help out, but I did read your post because I am just that kind of blogging friend...but sorry that I can't help.

  8. I don't know what you mean about not using those things that LOOK like meat but aren't - do you mean things that are already made into patties? "Morningstar" brand has something called "Crumbles" I use it all the time instead of meat for tacos. You add taco sauce and salsa sauce in a pan over a low flame, tastes just like taco meat. Maybe if you mix it with spices and egg and a little filler like flour or bread crumbs you can turn it into patties and brush with bar -b -q sauce, and then you have your own made hamburgers.

  9. How about Portabella mushrooms. I;ve seen the big giant one sliced and grilled like meat. Looks awesome!

  10. I really have no idea, if I didn't cook meat, my husband probably would have never married me! lol Interesting question though!


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