Tuesday, June 15, 2010

(Pre)School Days!

Life has been crazy lately...crazy good...but still definitely crazy. The day we found out that we passed court for Des and Bri was also the last day of preschool. Logan will be back there next year but it was the end of Jack's three year run. Because our preschool is tiny (about 20 families) and mixed ages, Jack has had the same teacher all three years. The school has been great for Jack. Though I'm sad that he is finished, I'm glad that I haven't "graduated" yet...one more year for Logan and then a couple more for the girls.

Jack was just a baby when he started. This was Jack on his first day of school:
September 2007

Look at that baby face!

This was Jack on his last day of preschool:
June 2010


  1. He may have changed, but he's always been OhSoBeautttttttttttiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Time does really seem to fly by with the kids. I have one more for preschool and then all of mine will be in elementary. It's amazing how quickly the kids change.


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