Monday, June 7, 2010

Celebrate...Logan is 4!

I hate to admit it but we slacked on pictures for Logan's birthday. We didn't take very many (not really sure why) and the few that we did take weren't so great because we were using a new camera.
Without further ado, here is Logan's 4th birthday...

We start each of the boys' birthdays with balloons! Today was no exception...

Balloons are followed by opening some presents. Logan walked away with some a Star Wars figure, more tools, Legos and two rather unusual stuffed animals. One of them was Perry the Platypus from the boys' favorite show, Phineas and Ferb. The other was an owl. (Scott had asked "For your birthday, what kind of pet would you like?" A very stupid (and dangerous) question in my opinion. Logan said he would like "a baby owl" as a pet. Luckily, they were fresh out of them at the petstore so we opted for the stuffed variety.)

Logan loves pancakes + Scott loves to experiment = crazy birthday pancakes
What are crazy birthday panckakes, you ask? Well, they are chocolate chip pancakes covered in frosting and sprinkles, of course! Yum?!?!?!?!

Since it was a school day, I dropped the boys off and raced back home to whip up some cupcakes for Logan and his classmates. Scott and our good friend Jethro made their appearance at the boys' school for some after lunch treats.

Logan tends to get a bit nervous and silly when all eyes are on him. So while his friends sang "Happy Birthday" he chose to look at me or get goofy with his friend, Ryan.

Later that night the boys asked to watch, what else but, Star Wars. We decided to go all out and let them watch it (on a school night, no less!) while eating dinner. Well, it was Logan's birthday!

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