Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Graduate

Over the weekend Jack had his preschool graduation. It was a beautiful and fun day...just the right way to end the school year and start the summer.

Here are a few pics from the special day:

The 2010 graduates

During the ceremony their teacher asks each graduate what they learned at preschool. One of the boys replied "not to kick people." I wish I could remember what Jack said but I was too busy crying. :) The kids also sing "You Are My Sunshine" and "Make New Friends."

Scott and Logan watching the ceremony

Handing out the diplomas

Jack and his teacher, Cynthia (whom he's had for three wonderful years)

"Mama, can't a boy eat his cake in peace!?!?!?"

So grown-up...


  1. Oh my goodness, I totally would have been crying. So sweet.

  2. Oh how sweet! And I must say...I am glad you are back in blogging and Facebook land!!

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