Sunday, May 5, 2013

Phony Photos

I've had a bit of a problem with getting my Instagram photos off of my phone so these are from the way-back machine (starting in January).

1. first day at a new preschool  2. still dressing as mice sometimes  3. hanging in Logan's classroom  4. sicky Logan  5. keeping rack of medicines on my arm  6. Jack's sportsmanship award for basketball  7. fun at the park  8. movies in mama's bed  9. silly (not sleepy) girls

1.special treat on a girls' trip  2. siblings  3. Jack's fieldtrip  4. Des and Mama  5. now Jack is sick  6. sleepy gerbils  7. frozen yogurt  8. visiting the space shuttle  9. beautiful Des

1. arts and crafts  2. reading a favorite book  3. Logan sifting through the mess  4. the boys, big and small  5. the crazy bunch  6. Mama and laughing Des  7. Ethiopian dancing  8. zoo animals  9. spring has sprung

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