Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Little Ladies that Lunch

For Des and Bri's birthday we decided to celebrate with just a few best friends in a very grown-up way.

The little ladies started with a manicure.  They picked a color, got polished and embellished with flowers and used the UV light to dry their nails...

Then we strolled to a nearby restaurant so the little ladies could lunch.  While waiting for our food we opened presents and worked on a little craft project.  Thank goodness that we had our friends' mamas there to help.  And we also were lucky enough that Bri and Des' Auntie Tina and Great Cousin Lexi could help us celebrate too!

And little ladies always need a bit of dessert before heading home...

It was a perfect way to celebrate my little ladies turning 5!


  1. Jordan loved celebrating their bdays- what a fun day! Love your girls!!

  2. I haven’t seen such sweet pictures. This party looks so nice and those little girls are looking adorable. My sister also threw a luncheon on her daughter’s 10th birthday at the local event space Atlanta and she was very successful with this themed party that had been hosted on a budget.

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