Thursday, October 18, 2012

Phony Photos

Life is moving right along.  School, errands, meals out, family time on the weekends...same old, same old...

1. Bri after a 3D movie  2. Des twirling  3. Jack looking pitiful asking for a new toy  4. sunbathing after a swim  5. Logan showing some moves in the water  6. bathing beauties  7. Papa  8. dress-up at preschool  9. Logan and Mama

1. Jack and Logan spray painting the backyard wall  2. silly sisters  3. some of Mama's sewing projects being modeled by the girls  4. out to breakfast  5. and then dinner  6. Logan and his purple freckles from spraypainting  7. Bri and Mama  8. Jack doing his homework  9. Logan and his homework

1. Logan and Bri  2. Jack and some vintage cars  3. out to lunch with Papa, Des and Logan  4. the girls at the train yard  5. Logan working on a sewing project  6. modeling his finished pajamas  7. the boys watching TV  8. Bri on the way to ballet class  9. Des after a long morning

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