Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who's who?

Which little monkey:
  • Is the only one of our kids to always sleep soundly through the night, every night?
  • Loves to be read to and learn new things?
  • Declined to participate in his school's "mixed-up clothes day" because he can't conceive of wearing his clothes backwards or incorrectly?

Which little lovebug:
  • Takes credit for every single new thing his sisters do (even the naughty ones) by saying, "Yep, I taught her that!"?
  • Wakes up in the middle of the night in a full blown tantrum because he was unfinished with it when he fell asleep?
  • Likes to wear sleeveless shirts so everyone can see his big muscles?

Which little peanut:
  • With the help of her sister, gets a bowl and messily serves herself a snack from the pantry when Mama is preoccupied?
  • Does a happy dance every time she spots a baby?
  • Carefully watches my lips when she is trying to say a new word and grossly (and adorably) over exaggerates her lips to mimic mine?
  • Absolutely hates to smile for the camera (see below)?

Which little chickpea:
  • When is injured, has me kiss her hand instead of wherever her boo-boo is actually?
  • Wakes up several times every night and now realizes that if she stays quiet she can sleep in bed with Mama and Papa all to herself?
  • Has recently learned to say "no!" and is making good use of the word?
  • Loves, loves, loves to dance?

And yes, these are current photos. Our weather has been crazy good in January...


  1. Love those pictures-and am wishing we had that sun and warmth here! Love the part about finishing the tantrum, though I'm sure it wasn't pleasant. :)

  2. Omgosh you are so blessed with such great weather. It was 28 today and we are supposed to be getting 8-12 inches of snow on Wednesday. Yikes. The girls are gorgeous and of course the boys are adorable as always.
    Love these posts!


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