Monday, January 25, 2010

You know you are a mom when...

You know you are a mom of preschoolers when you go out for the day wearing this lovely assortment of "jewelry:"

You know you are a mom in the process of adopting when you check your adoption agency's "news and updates" blog every 5 minutes. Today it paid off...on the waitlist, we are now #:


  1. Oh I am sooo excited for you. What an amazing ride and it is only get incredible better when you are at the #1 spot!

  2. Carey! I am laughing. I will never forget when we were in process for Madeleine...our computer was in our second floor den...VERY inconvenient...I would run up the stairs SO MANY TIMES a DAY to check sites/e-mail for a MORSEL of new info!! Come to think of was GOOD for my waistline!

  3. Those jewelry made by little hands? They're worn proudly, too! :)

  4. There's no fancier jewelry than my opinion! ;) But have you ever left the house after one of them has styled your hair? either! haha! Congrats on being so close...I get excited too every time I see the number getting smaller and smaller! :)

  5. What lovely jewelry. I'm sure the Queen would be jealous of such finery. And #18? Holy Wow! That's wonderful and seriously exciting. Congrats!

  6. Carey, LOVE your bracelets and ring. I know how you feel. Our 11 yr old daughter from Ethiopia got a bracelet maker type machine for Christmas. Well, she is pounding out those bracelets and makes them especially for mom! How do I say, OK..I love them..but..!
    :) Yay, to #8!! That was the name of my elementary school..#8 :)
    Jen Wade


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