Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who's who?

Which little monkey:
  • Declined the offer of some smoked almonds because he says, "Smoking is bad for you."
  • Shouted, "Woohoo! I finally got an email!" when I told him a letter (from the postman) came for him?

Which little love bug:
  • Said, "When someone loves you, your cheeks get red." (Think he's been watching one too many cartoons?!?!?!?!)
  • Climbed down from his chair in the middle of dinner and said, "Look! I can chew and jump!," while doing just that?


  1. Aw...how I've missed these! ;) They are just as adorable...and witty as ever!

  2. Glad you are doing these again. I love the comments kids make!!

  3. Which ever little bug it is...they sure are the cutest bugs ever.

  4. Such super cuties!
    We're actually not going to be able to make lunch today, but thank you SO much for the invite. Hope next time :) It would be awesome to meet you...
    Danielle and Judah


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